Thursday, 23 June 2011

Introducing ‘Tutti Frutti Daisy’ Granny Square Blanket.

Well as promised I’m delighted to be able to introduce and show you my newest creation. Tutii Frutti Daisy blanket – I so love the colour combination here, and hope you do to.


The blanket is constructed from 7 rows of 7 squares across and 7 rows of 7 square down. A total of 49 squares. Each square has a pink central daisy flower and is then surrounded by 7 different colours.

I think the colour work in this pattern is gorgeous and so very pretty and cheerful. The pattern contains explicit colour guidance for each and every square – so 49 different colour combinations.

The finished blanket measures 54“ x 54“. The blanket could be made larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the amount of squares used.


The pattern  is now available in my Etsy store click here

or in my Ravelry store click here.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Work in Progress – Freeform Crochet Poncho

As you can see this is a work in progress, also known as, a WIP. This little project has lain in my studio for way too many months being ignored, shame on me. It was securely packed away so at least I can say it hasn’t been gathering dust. I decided to take some photographs today so that this may give me the motivation to finally get it completed.  

Unfortunately the weekend brought what seemed like a never ending assault of technology issues which ensured the current 2 designs I’m working on weren’t completed, much to my frustration.  Thus the freeform has now been queued yet again. With wilting laptops, blue screens of death, dysfunctional and intermittent broadband connectivity and a printer that appears to be playing dead, there has been much counting to ten.






Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

How to Crochet Granny Squares Together

How to crochet granny squares together.

I have recently been asked how to crochet granny squares together and
so an impromptu tutorial. The concept seems much more difficult than the
actual process is. The important things to remember are.

Lay your squares out exactly as the pattern states or as you wish them to
be crocheted together.

Always keep your squares right side facing.

I always work from right to left.

I always crochet together all horizontal rows first and then vertical rows

I always work from the bottom right hand corner and row progressing up
the way, 1 row at a time.

Abbreviations used:
ch – chain
sp – space
sc – single crochet USA, dc –UK


1. Lay out all your granny squares in the exact order that you
want to crochet them together.

2. Make sure that all squares are right side up.

3. Take the first 2 squares from the right hand side of your
arrangement. Place one on top of the other but with both right
sides on the outside.

4. Fasten the yarn in the corner chain tying both squares

5. Hook your yarn and pull through both squares. Chain 1 and
hold the squares in one hand with the backs together. Insert
your hook into the same stitch again. Hook your yarn again and
pull through making 1 single crochet.


6. Continue crocheting the squares together using sc across the
edges of both granny squares into the corner chain at the left.

7. Now get the next 2 granny squares that need to be crocheted
together, again with right sides facing out the way.

8. Work the exact same process as the first 2 squares to be
crocheted together. Insert hook into corner ch of the squares and
begin to work in sc all across.

9. Be sure to leave tails of yarn long enough for ends to be sewn

10. Once you have completed your vertical rows lay the squares
out and then fold in the opposite horizontal direction and begin
the same process again. Always working from the right side to the




11. Crochet across until you reach the corner of the first square,
here you crochet through both corner ch spaces and again into
the next squares ch space. Then proceed to work in sc across the