Friday, 5 February 2010

Crochet Heart Rag Rug

As you may know I have been busy working on a beastie of a rag rug and as it approaches 6ft I’ve decided it would be better at 7 or 8ft. It’s getting incredibly heavy to have on my lap as I work my way around it. So as a little incentive I decided that I would attempt to create a small, quick, heart shaped rag rug. I think it would make the perfect bath mat or shower mat. Not really my normal type of colours but as I worked on it I decided it would do equally well in a Nursery.
I had no pattern and just started where I thought would be a good place with a 6 chain loop and went from there.
When working with a crocheted rag rug my methodology is to literally feel your way. Not only are you trying to construct a shape but to feel and decipher the appropriate tension. A rug that lies flat is definitely the desired outcome. After all I don’t want anyone stumbling out of the shower to be tripped up by a rippled and wavy mat.
Here again I have worked with a 10mm hook and cut the fabric to approx. 1cm or 1.5cm.
168-6881_IMG Here we go – colour change number one and the beginnings of an embryonic crocheted heart. The thing I love about crocheting fabric is how quickly you can achieve growth. The thing I hate most is the time required to go through the cutting process.
This week, being the summer holidays, I have had my little people to help me with this. However the premise of their help has been negotiated on a financial reward basis and so my little rag rug must be worth more than an axminster carpet.
This is me working on the rug and it is the reverse that you can see. It looks pretty against the poppy print of my skirt, well I thought so anyway.
168-6892_IMGAnd voila it’s all but done – well in fact it is now complete. It’s a naughty little heart as it has distracted me from the bigger picture, the mega rag rug.
168-6896_IMG Here is the little naughty heart photographed on some of the fabric used in the crocheted rug. The colours remind me a Kath Kidston creations and are outside my normal comfort zone. The rug measures approx. 60cm or 24” and will be a bonus to the shower room I hope.
Once dinner is cooked, spaghetti bolognaise, and the mini people are away to slumber the big beastie rug will be upon my lap again. Hopefully early next week I will be able to take the final photograph to show you all.
I now have the weekend in front of me to plan, imagine and muse over yet another ‘project’ – or I could finish one of the outstanding ones, I know. The next two weeks are going to be hectic with little people coming and growing (freudian slip but it’s appropriate). I have other visitors to come to and so my creativity will be hampered. I shall enjoy the calm before the storm.
Have a creative weekend.

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  1. your rag crochet is so lovely - came to your blog today via Flickr. I have never tried crochet with fabric before. I imagine you must sew the fabric end on end once your cut it?