Friday, 19 February 2010

Thing-a-day Day 19 – Vintage Sewing Chest Roses Decoupage

Not fibre but I thought I should post this anyway!
A long time ago I acquired this wonderful vintage sewing and crafts treasure chest. It came complete with all contents lots of lovely vintage trinkets and boxes. A plethora of vintage buttons, zips, threads, needles etc and a full manicure set. Anyway long story short I think it looked hideous.
Thing-a-day gave me the impetus to make it somehow pretty and I hope that I’ve achieved that. I prepared the chest by washing it all down. Then I applied some ivory satinwood paint mixed with crimson water colour to give it a pink tinge. I then enlisted the mister to cut out many many roses from the english rose wrapping paper I had.
The chest required two coats of satinwoood. I then applied PVA glue and my roses, waited for it to dry and then varnished it with floor varnish voila job done. I think it is much prettier than it’s previous dark brown drab.

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  1. this turns out to be very cute, a big improvement! Great restoration work there!