Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lovelies in my Garden

Today has been such a nice day I thought I’d share a few photos of things in bloom so I can look back at them in gloomy November.

The day started with a lovely surprise I won a blog giveaway today over at Doris’s blog why not hop on over and see her lovely blog Crocheting in Georgia.

Doris I hope you don’t mind I borrowed your bumble bee to shout out THANK YOU.

197-9771_IMGMy Himalayan blue poppies in bloom, the colour is just spectacular.



A bit of an old rhododendron but again what gorgeous fuchsia pink.

197-9788_IMGIt’s all very nice and manicured but the white’ish tree/shrub to the right of the huge conifer is getting straggly. It’s actually heather gone completely mad and it’s trying to take over on the crochet clootie tree so action needs to be taken.

198-9803_IMGI don’t know the correct name for these maybe Amanda from Eight By Six Gardening blog will pop along and tell me. Something in the daisy family I think. If anyone else knows please feel free to let me know. 



I thought these photo’s I took were really atmospheric and eerie. Yes some very necessary pruning taking place with a very fume ridden chainsaw. Not exactly environmentally friendly – it’s OK the wrists that needed slapping have been.


  1. The name of the fourth flower is Calendula. They also called it field marigold or pot marigold. These are considered as one of the most versatile flowers to grow in a garden, especially since it is easy to grow. They are also considered as edible. The flower is usually use to add color to salads.

  2. Those flowers really look wonderful! I would love to have such flowers in my garden soon! Actually, I am really having a fun time working in my garden even though I am tired from work. I t relaxes me. Thanks for sharing these photos. These inspired me really!